Thursday, October 30, 2014

Nourishment for my Soul

So today is day one for nourishment of my soul... and today I get my new tattoo!  The meaning of this new symbol in my life is acceptance of optimal health. Better yet I get to see it every day.  Breathe life into your body and envision it as the healthy temple it is intended to be.  See yourself as a thriving being.   muh - Anne Guzman


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Working on my struggles.

Does this work?  Is this me?  What did I get myself into.  This is normal.  This is normal.  This is normal.  Ok. Does this seem healthy for my body and soul.  I am going to find out.

Today, does not feel normal.  But what is every day supposed to feel like?  Why does every day have to be idyllic.  Or perfect.  I'm not perfect, but ok the way I am right now.  Ok.  Why do I have to struggle.  What is this struggle teaching me.