Monday, March 9, 2015

chances by Anne Guzman

Sometimes you have to take a chance.  A jump.  A leap of faith.  In order to move on.  Sometimes you have to leave someone behind, even if it hurts, so you can move on.

I have been lost since you died.  I have tried to move.  But even when I go all in for a new endeavor, I return back to this same lost state.  I hate that you left.  I wish you never would have died.  I hate being without you.  So here is my good better letter.  My Doctor thought this might help me.


I wasn't prepared to be without you.  You were taken from me in a blink, and that only makes me think I took you for granted.  I am reminded of you so frequently.  I still stare at our pictures and your belongings which occupy this space.  But you see, I am unhealthy.  My mind is a mess, and my body is worse.  So today, I am going to try to say good bye again.  For me this time.

I will never forget what we shared. 

Good bye.

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