Monday, March 2, 2015

Cloudy day out

It's a cloudy day out my door.  I need to learn something today to make me smarter and lose the memory of bitter coldness.  So what are the types of clouds?
CUMULUS CLOUDS are white and fluffy. They look like large puffs of cotton.  Cumulus clouds form mostly on warm summer days and usually mean the weather will be fair. In hot weather, a cumulus cloud may grow extra big and turn dark. It becomes a thunderhead.
STRATUS CLOUDS are low in the sky.  They spread over a large area like a giant gray blanket.  Stratus clouds are rain clouds.
CIRRUS CLOUDS are streaky. They look like thin feathers.Cirrus clouds are very high in the sky where it is very cold. They are made up of tiny ice crystals. Cirrus clouds tell us that it may rain or snow within a day or two.

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