Tuesday, April 28, 2015

second chances

The cycling of ups and downs, and ups and downs.  Does anyone deserve a second chance?  Are there an exception to when you should allow someone to treat you with poorest of intentions.

For weighing those thoughts, I do now give this:

Our thoughts can weigh heavily on the intentions of others. Their actions sometimes hide the true intent inside. It is this that bewilders the soul, and causes heartache where heartache is not due. We can wrap ourselves in thoughts of rejection and embarrassment only to overshadow the true beauty of it all.

The heartache is there for a reason. The love may be brief but it is still that wondrous emotion that can set the heart alight. Embrace this every chance you get. Live carefree for those few moments and know that you have grown from this experience. Whether it amounts to a lifetime of happiness or just a few fleeting moments.

Give in to this feeling, and sow it everywhere you go. It is in this that we unlock the eternal gates and flock to the forefront of compassion. For it is in compassion that true happiness resides.

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