Saturday, November 22, 2014

Starting new

When things get to be so difficult you have to start new and start over and stop being reliant on your past.  But sometimes there is something haunting you from your past, a mistake you made that makes it hard to move on.  I will move on.  I will move on.  My motivation has dropped to a record low and now it is starting to affect my health.  Why am I letting it affect my health?  I have no idea, but I did let it affect my health.  I created this destructive problem and now it is time to fix it.

Have you ever had a problem so big, you didn't know how to fix it?

Have you ever had a problem that affect YOUR HEALTH?

Have you ever needed to find a new path in life, to get away from the past?

Well, that is me.  Help me move it.  This is ok. This is ok.  This is ok.

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