Monday, November 3, 2014

Suds and Spuds

A few too many local brews and chips last night at the pub, but no headache this morning.  Can't believe I have been dealing with my fears for so long.   I have been so scared of the unknown.  Now facing my fears head on.  Making changes.  Switching things up.  No more fear of the unknown.  This is my start to scrub my past and work on new healthy relationships.  Plus it is healthy to remove the bad thoughts and start to my alcohol free week with friends to raise awareness in our district. 

Focus on myself.  I need to heal. No one should be scared all the time.  I hope I can find myself by reflection. But me, I am tough.  I can eat this challenge for breakfast!  I'm up for it.  I have to get this monster out of my closet.

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